Domaines Ott

"Le Vin Riviera"

Domaines Ott was founded in 1912 by Marcel Ott, an agricultural engineer from Alsace who dreamed of establishing a great wine estate near the Mediterranean. He moved to Cavalaire in 1896 and founded Château de Selle in 1912, followed by Clos Mireille in 1935 and then Château Romassan in 1956.  These wines are made at the distinctively different estates in the Bandol and Côtes de Provence appellations.

Domaines Ott was managed by Marcel’s descendants until 2004 when the Estates were purchased by Champagne Louis Roederer to add to their impressive portfolio of iconic Domaines. Several of the Ott family members remain involved in production.

Stringent cultivation techniques are practiced using natural fertilizers and manual debudding for restrictive volume yields. The grapes are hand picked, followed by strict and selective sorting on tables and an extremely delicate pressing process of whole bunches with a super short maceration to produce the beautiful light colour. Slow fermentation takes place in thermo-regulated vats then ageing in oak casks. Bottling is done the following spring. These are just some of the reasons why this wine has acquired the reputation of being one of the ‘finest vintage rosés in the world’.

Clos Mireille: Acquired in 1935, the Côtes de Provence appellation has 50 hectares planted to vines. The land was entirely remodelled and replanted in the 1930s. It is currently going through its third remodelling with a four year programme where plots have been ripped out and planted with various grass crops that will condition and prepare the soils for replanting, increasing production in the future. Clos Mireille is an ancient terrain well known for its mix of silica, clay and schist soils and the estate’s broad seafront location. The microclimate and the sea spray provide highly favourable conditions for white wines and the parcels used in the “blanc” slope down as far as the sea. The vines are levelled into espaliers to enable even tilling and planting and are pruned and trained using the double cordon method.

Grape varieties: Only two grape varieties are used for the distinctive Blanc de Blancs produced here: Sémillon for honeyed roundness and Rolle for its floral, fruity notes.

Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah make up the world famous Coeur de Grain Rosé, produced by the saignée method.

Château Romassan: Situated at the foot of the village of Le Castellet in the heart of the Bandol appellation, Château Romassan became part of the Ott holdings in 1956. All 69 hectares are planted with vines and were entirely remodelled and replanted over a 30-year period. This region is known for its terraced landscapes built from the hard stone, with vines planted into vast terraces with varying exposures. The poor soil in Bandol comprising of limestone, sandstone and marl stresses the vines encouraging them to establish themselves deep in the terroir.

Grape varieties: Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre are grown for this Coeur de Grain Rosé, also made by the saignée method. This wine has a spicier character than the Clos Mireille rosé. The estate also produces a red wine with superb texture and ageing potential coming from a Mourvèdre based blend.

The story of the Ott star: At the turn of the 20th century, Marcel Ott wanted to patent his name and law required that he add a distinctive symbol; he chose the star.

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Clos Mireille Rosé 2017 — Domaines Ott

Clos Mireille Rosé 2017

AOC Côtes de Provence

Grenache 60%
Cinsault 20%
Syrah 12%
Rolle 8%

Tasting note

Bright and elegant salmon pink hue with a dusky pink core. The nose reveals a rich and intense bouquet of mandarin, dried apricots, mimosa and cardamom. Fresh and lively on the onset this is an
invigorating wine, with lovely zesty fruit and long-lingering aromas of citrus peel and soft white peach.

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Clos Mireille Blanc de Blancs 2015 — Domaines Ott

Clos Mireille Blanc de Blancs 2015

AOC Côtes de Provence

70% Sémillon
30% Rolle

Tasting note

A pale yellow robe with linden leaf highlights. An expressive, fresh and delicate nose, scented with citrus and white flowers. A lively attack with citrus notes, wonderful smoothness on the palette with aromas of yellow melon and pine nuts. A perfect harmony of freshness and balance for a sunny vintage.

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Château Romassan Rosé 2017 — Domaines Ott

Château Romassan Rosé 2017

AOC Bandol

Mourvèdre 55%
Cinsault 25%
Grenache 20%

Tasting note

Pale pink hue with subtle golden tints. The fine, delicate nose has aromas of citrus fruit, vineyard peaches and white flowers. The palate is elegant, dense and silky. This wine exudes delicious aromas of grapefruit and red berries combined with excellent tension and refreshing notes of liquorice that linger on the finish.

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By. Ott Rosé 2017 — Domaines Ott

By. Ott Rosé 2017

AOC Côtes de Provence

65% Grenache
28% Cinsault
8% Syrah
2% Mouvèdre

Tasting note

Pale pink hue with crystalline highlights. Fruity nose with notes of apricot and grapefruit. Crunchy on the palate with a lovely structure supported by fruity and mineral notes, followed by some spicy notes on the finish.

The Ott* signature guarantees perfect drinking enjoyment.

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Château Romassan Rouge 2013 — Domaines Ott

Château Romassan Rouge 2013

AOC Bandol

90% Mourvèdre
10% Grenache

Tasting note

Inviting bright garnet colour with deep purple tints. The nose is delightful and elegant, combining notes of red fruits and spices. The blend of Mourvèdre and Grenache gives notes of blackcurrant, thyme, and peppery spices. The mouth is supple and harmonious, with aromas of red fruits with a slightly menthol undertone.

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