De Buris Valpolicella Classico DOC Amarone Riserva 2009

Producer Information

Founded by Giacomo Tommasi in 1902, Tommasi has grown to be the largest family-owned vineyard estate in the Valpolicella Classica, owning 105 hectares and an additional 15 hectares in the Lugana DOC. Tommasi is located in Pedemonte in the heart of the historic ‘Classico’ region, from which the best quality wines are produced. The estate is owned and managed by the fourth generation of the Tommasi family, with six family members working together in harmony. Pierangelo manages the UK market, while winemaker, Giancarlo prefers to stay close the vineyards and winery.


The vineyard known as la Groletta, in the municipality of Sant’Ambrogio, has been generally acknowledged as representing the epitome of the Valpolicella Classico zone. Extended hours of sunlight and the cool, gentle breeze from Lake Garda provide a particularly favourable microclimate, and one that is unique in Valpolicella. The soil composition reinforces that area’s characteristic aromas of ripe red fruit and intense dark spices.

Area 1.9 hectares

Altitude 300 metres above sea level

Exposure South west, the vineyards face Lake Garda

Features of the soil Clay and limestone, potassium and calcium, rich in lime with low concentrations of magnesium and iron. Medium texture and an average granular content above 2 mm, pH 7-7.5. Sparse plant cover, and low in organic matter.

Vine training system Guyot: Density of seed stock per hectare: 6,500.

Average age of the vines: 20 years.

Yield per hectare 6,500 kg per hectare


Manual selection of the finest bunches, beginning on 10th September. These were placed in crates holding 7 kg each and subsequently laid one by one on bamboo mats for drying. The
grapes were left to wither for 110 days in our special drying loft, where the ventilation system maintains a constant flow of air and a low level of humidity.

After a further selection at the end of the drying phase, the grapes were pressed in January, followed by brief cryomaceration, lasting around 10 days. A slow fermentation then took place for 30 days in oak vats, using exclusively indigenous yeasts. Malolactic fermentation was carried out once during the first year of ageing in Slavonian oak casks. The wine continued its maturation for 5 years in 15-30hl casks in the ancient cellar of Villa De Buris, where it also underwent bottle-ageing.

Vintage Information

The weather in 2009 was characterized by a rather cold autumn and winter, with abundant rainfall. Average temperatures in March were slightly higher than the norm and led to an early bud-break.
Vegetative growth proceeded rapidly in the spring and the weather remained generally fine throughout the summer. There was excellent thermal excursion in September between day- and night-time temperatures, ensuring a satisfactory accumulation of secondary metabolites (fundamental for raising the definitive quality of the grapes), and the period of the harvest was also sunny.

Tasting Note

De Buris 2009 displays a bright, deep ruby red color; on the nose it is taut and extremely fine, with the typical aromas of both sour and sweet black cherries that evolve into notes of spices and cocoa beans. On the palate it unleashes all of its personality: it offers high-toned, vibrant yet delicately velvety fruit. In spite of its concentration, it never seems heavy. Indeed, it is poised, harmonious, apparently suspended.

Food Pairing

A great “meditation wine” at the end of a meal. Its elegance and full body are best enjoyed with game, red meats and seasoned cheeses.

Valpolicella Classico, Veneto
Corvina (65%)
Corvinone (24%)
Rondinella (5%)
Oseleta (6%)

Natural Cork

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