Luce Brunello 2017

Producer Information

When Vittorio Frescobaldi met Robert Mondavi in the early 90s, a new chapter in the history of the great Tuscan wines was written. From that meeting, a wine came to life inspired by the desire to make a dream come true: to create a wine in Montalcino, a land of choice for the production of excellent wines, that went beyond the boundaries of tradition, while acknowledging and celebrating it, by treasuring the experiences of two historic families in the world of wine. This ambitious project took the name of Tenuta Luce, a name that evokes the sunlight of Montalcino, which is the source of life and nourishment, and marks the passage of the seasons and sets the pace for any and every agricultural activity. Since then, Tenuta Luce has always honoured this vision and the symbolic wine of the Tenuta, Luce, has been joined by other exclusive wines, capable of going beyond the boundaries of their territory and earning unanimous approval nationally and internationally.


Tenuta Luce’s vineyards are a true mosaic of different exposures, variety of soils and altitudes – ranging from 280 at 418 meters above sea level. The soils are schistose in the upper range, mixed-clayey in the lower one, rich in yellow sands and sandstones in the central belt. Of the 88 hectares of vineyards owned by the estate, 11 are registered in the “Albo del Brunello di Montalcino.”

This is where the Sangiovese for Luce Brunello is born – a tiny plot called ‘Madonnino’. This special vineyard has the ideal exposure and soil composition (galestro) to fully express the perfect combination of structure and elegance typical of Sangiovese.


After harvest, the grapes are vinified in cement with indigenous yeast for around 12 days. After a total 4 weeks of skin maceration, the wine is transferred in big Slavonian oak barrels where the Brunello will rest at least 24 months.

Vintage Information

The 2017 vintage was characterized by a mild and relatively dry winter, which supported an early budding phase. The sudden drop in temperatures at the end of April, which involved various areas of Tuscany, did not generate any problems for the vineyards, thanks to their high altitude positioning. Subsequently, the period between May and August was characterized by very few rains and intense heat, which limited the vegetative development of the plants and reduced the size of the grape clusters. The rains of early September gave some relief to the plants in the grapes’ final ripening step, resulting in an earlier harvest by about 10 days. The grapes were healthy with small bunches featuring very concentrated polyphenols and tannins due to the skin/juice ratio favouring the skins.

Tasting Note

Presenting a very bright and compact ruby red colour, the wine’s nose is concentrated with notes of red fruits, mainly morello cherry, ripe red orange and spices. On the palate, the wine is rich and enveloping, with a beautiful tension that enhances the perfectly integrated tannic texture. The finish fascinates for its great flavour and long persistence. A wine of extraordinary integrity, with great aging potential.

100% Sangiovese

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