Théophile Brut Rosé NV

Producer Information

Champagne Théophile is today the successor of “Théo” champagne which enjoyed its heyday in the 1930s when honourable establishments of Montparnasse served it to regale artists and night-owls alike. Théophile is now produced by Louis Roederer in keeping in the style which made its success. It should not be considered Roederer’s second wine as stylistically it is distinct to Roederer. There is a genuine family relationship, however, with key differences setting this champagne apart and making it all the more intriguing.


Théophile is made from grapes from the younger Louis Roederer vines (less than ten years old) combined with Pinot Meunier purchased from the Marne Valley and the west of the Montaigne de Reims.


This blend of four years’ harvests is matured for an average of two years in the cellars and left to rest for six months after disgorging. Mareuil sur Aÿ red wine is added to the blend to give colour and body.

Tasting Note

Partial malolactic fermentation and the use of 30% of reserve wines give this wine a very distinctive character – balanced, full-bodied and generous, with a refined, lip-puckering zing adding just the right touch of provocation. The colour is a slightly misty pastel pink, with a young, direct and fruity nose. The palate is full-bodied, fresh and direct.

Food Pairing

With its very pure structure, this brut rosé is the perfect accompaniment salmon, lamb and poultry such as guinea fowl or pheasant. It also goes well with soft cheese.

Serving Suggestion

Serve at 12°C.

AOC Champagne
33% Chardonnay
33% Pinot Meunier
33% Pinot Noir

Natural cork
10-11 g/l

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