Attems Cicinis 2020

Producer Information

Attems is a name that encompasses the history of wine in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Indeed there is documentation that confirms ownership of land dedicated to viticulture in Collio by the Attems dynasty dating as far back as 1106. The story of Attems is thus interwoven with history: from the Patriarchate of Aquileia to the County of Gorizia, from the First World War to the present day – it is owned by the Frescobaldi family since the year 2000. The estate extends over 44 hectares of south-facing terraced slopes to the west of Gorizia, protected both from the cold northern winds and the characteristic “bora” wind of Trieste.


The vineyard of Cicinis is a terraced hill at the foot of Monte Calvario (Podgora) in Collio Goriziano.
The soil is composed of the typical “Ponca” of fragmented rock, loam and sand formed by the rising of the seabeds millions of years ago during the eocene.


The grapes, harvested at dawn, are pressed whole with the utmost care, and the must thus obtained is left to rest through static decantation for 24 hours. Then follows the alcoholic fermentation which takes place for 50% in egg-shaped concrete tanks, exclusively dedicated to this wine, for 10% in new barriques and for the remaining 40% in second and third passage barriques and tonneaux. These will be the containers in which the Cicinis will refine, enriching itself by resting on its lees, up to the preparation of the wine for bottling. During these 9 months, the wine matures at low temperatures with no malolactic fermentation.

Vintage Information

Winter 2020 was very balanced with temperatures that never dropped too low. A mild March was the signal for an early budding phase facilitated by the quick warming of the soil, which in turn stimulated the grapevines’ vegetative growth. Contrary to predictions, the Sauvignon Blanc grapevines entered the budding phase regularly and in line with yearly averages. The months of May and April were rather dry, which allowed the young shoots to develop regularly. The flowering phase of this variety completed its cycle by the beginning of June. June was the wettest month of the summer, but thanks to the constant air currents in the vineyards and the timely leaf removal in the pre-cluster closure, we created an ideal microclimate, guaranteeing a perfect flowering and the resulting formation of young clusters. The correct water balance in July and August, with regular rains alternating with dry spells, without it ever being excessively hot, helped to maintain an ideal balance between sugars and organic acids in the ripening grapes. The Cicinis Sauvignon harvest began on August 27 in the coolest hours of the morning. This year, the bunches were sparse with a thick and crunchy skin. The harvest then continued in the following days; each portion of the hill is harvested only when the grapes reach their maximum aromatic expression.

Tasting Note

Straw yellow in colour, Cicinis 2020 is a wine that immediately shows off enveloping aromas of citrus, papaya and the inevitable impression of sage, followed by hints of vanilla, moka and a crescendo of boxwood and jasmine. On the palate, the wine enchants with the balance between its fresh acidity and enveloping body. In the finish, hints of lime, white blackberry and the unmistakable savoury sensation of the wines born in Gorizia’s Collio emerge.

100% Sauvignon Blanc

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