Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva 2015

Producer Information

Established in 1852, Murrieta is one of the oldest and most respected bodegas in Rioja Alta. Their wines are concentrated and long-lived and some, like “Castillo Ygay”, have become legendary amongst wine-lovers. Marqués de Murrieta has not stood back and stagnated however; their 300 hectare estate produces Dalmau – a blend which represents an avant-garde expression of their terroir.


Within the 300 hectare Ygay estate, surrounding the winery in the southern point of Rioja Alta wine area. There is an altitude difference of 165 metres between the lowest point at 320 metres and the highest peak at 485 metres.


Grapes are first de-stemmed and then fermented in temperature controlled, stainless steel tanks for 9 days, with constant skin contact. During fermentation pumping over and punching down operations are regularly carried out. These processes ensure both effective and gentle colour and aroma extraction. Afterwards the solid parts of the grapes are pressed in a vertical press. This is a gentle process that extracts colour and ripe tannins from the grape’s skin. The wine is aged for 27 months in 225-litre American oak barrels and bottled in May 2018.

Vintage Information

A warmer vintage, which benefits the higher altitude vineyards at Marques de Murrieta. A short, early harvest, with small berries, producing wines with concentration and richness, backed with a line of acidity.

Tasting Note

Over a base of balsamic aromas, there are hints of spices, ripe black berries, cassis, and figs.  The delicate aromatic range is completed with mineral and light earth notes. The wine is refined and it has a lively palate, with silky texture that is wrapped by polished tannins and a long, persistent finish.

“A well-structure wine that has long to live. Faithful expression of the vintage and our Ygay Estate” María Vargas – Technical Manager

Food Pairing

Perfect accompaniment to grilled red meats, bellota ham, and dishes with rich and fruity sauces.

Serving Suggestion

Serve at 16º-17º C. Open one hour before serving.



Rioja Alta, Spain
80% Tempranillo
9% Graciano
9% Mazuelo
2% Garnacha

Natural Cork

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