2014: A Great Vintage for Quartet

2014: A Great Vintage for Quartet

An article by Lauren Eads in The Drinks Business brings good news for Roederer Estate’s signature Californian sparkling wine.

“Despite a devastating earthquake, severe drought and wild fires, Californian vintners are hailing the 2014 harvest as one of the best ever seen, calling it the “third great vintage of the decade”.

The exceptional yield came as a result of a mild winter, producing the earliest harvest on record, and even ripening caused by moderate temperatures and minimal rainfall in September.

The president and director of winemaking at Francis Ford Coppola Winery Corey Beck said that 2014 was the best vintage he had ever seen in 17 years working at the winery.

With 2014’s batch of Quartet picked and fermenting as we speak, we eagerly await tasting the results of this fantastic year!

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