The Louis Roederer Photography Prize for Sustainability

The Louis Roederer Photography Prize for Sustainability was established in 2021-2022 to support contemporary photographers with an interest in shining a light on sustainability and environmental issues.

Champagne Louis Roederer have long patronised the arts. The Louis Roederer Foundation was founded in 2011 with the purpose of perpetuating Louis Roederer’s sponsorship activity which followed on from its discovery of the photography collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France in 2003. Since being awarded the title of ‘Major Patron of Culture and Arts’ the Foundation has supported photography and cinema through the Discovery Award at the Rencontres d’Arles, the Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award at La Semaine de la Critique in Cannes and the Louis Roederer Foundation Revelation Prize at the Deauville American Film Festival, and patronising the French Academy in Rome among others. In all the creative and artistic endeavours that it sponsors in these iconic places of culture and intelligence, the Louis Roederer Foundation plays its favourite role in supporting and nurturing talented up-and-coming artists.

Champagne Louis Roederer are passionately committed to sustainability, and for more than 20 years, they have been engaged in ‘renaissance viticulture’ using practices that respect the living environment to allow the nuances of the Champagne terroir to be fully expressed. They use practices inspired by the permaculture model, which allow the ecosystem to self-regulate. These include organic farming, the use of biodynamic composts, allowing the land to lie fallow for long periods, maintaining hedgerows and low stone walls, growing fruit trees and installing beehives. Louis Roederer’s eco-friendly ethos is rooted in their history and yet looks to the future.

By creating this prize, they can continue to support the arts, while highlighting sustainability and environmental issues.


Flow represents circulation and exchange and in our context also represents the constant dynamic between nature and people. The relationship that ties people to their environment and the circular interaction with nature and life forces. This reciprocal motion highlights the need to receive according to our needs and give to the extent of our capacities. Flow also illustrates the tension existing between people and nature: immersed yet separated from it, somehow master yet dependent on it.


The work of the three finalists will be on public exhibition at The WhiteBox, Nobu Hotel Portman Square from 11th May for three weeks.


13 internationally recognised figures in the art world nominated 3 photographers each to submit their work.

A panel of 9 high profile figures from the art and photography world judged the entrants and selected a shortlist.


Opening on 11th May for 3 weeks.
Finalists will be revealed 27th April.
The winner will be announced on 11th May.


For media enquiries please contact


The three finalists are Hengki Koentjoro, M’Hammed Kilito & Yasuhiro Ogawa


The winner of the prize for 2023 is M’Hammed Kilito. Darius Sanai, chair of the judges, said:

“Humans lived in a sustainable way for centuries before the industrial revolution, and the ancient oases of North Africa are a testament to this. M’Hammed Kilito’s works tell the story of the beauty, history, and perilous present of these oases, binding together human imperatives, a stark highly artistic documentary photographic style, and a commentary on the damage we are causing, all in the context of this year’s theme of Flow. He is a very worthy winner in a very strong field.”


M'hammed Kilito

M'hammed Kilito

Winner 2023

The water is the vital element in the genesis of oases and their biodiversity. The oasis inhabitants have developed an ancestral knowledge allowing them to control groundwater and distribute it throughout the oasis. Without this knowledge, these green islands in the middle of the desert would never have been created.
The khettaras from Morocco are considered to be one of the oldest crop water management systems dating back more than 3,000 years and therefore represent a unique intangible heritage. Their function is to capture groundwater upstream to feed an underground network dug by hand over kilometers with vertical wells spaced about 10 to 30 m apart. Unlike canals, which are easily invaded by vegetation, sensitive to bad weather and silting, khettaras allow healthy water to be conveyed below the surface of the ground, limiting losses through evaporation.

Historically, the oases are privileged landmarks at the crossroads of major trade routes, places of passage and rest, centers of prosperity and influence.

Oasis is a model born out of the virtuous interaction of desert populations with their environment in order to create a system of natural and human resource management. It can guarantee the prosperity of a group of people living under one of the most extreme arid climates that exists on earth.

Artist Biography
M’hammed Kilito (b. 1981, Lviv) is a documentary photographer and a National Geographic explorer based in Casablanca, Morocco. His practice focuses on the relationship between groups or individuals and their environments. His works capture narratives that facilitate an understanding of this relationship, covering issues related to cultural identity, the sociology of work, and climate change.

Currently, Kilito is completing the prestigious two-year VII Mentor Program. His latest project Before It’s Gone was shortlisted for Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2022, is the recipient of the Contemporary Artist Prize by François Schneider Foundation, the first prize of Encontros da Imagem, the Visura Grant for Freelance Visual Journalists and is the winner of Getxophoto 2023 Open Call and the grand prize of Kranj Photo Festival.

World Press Photo Foundation designated Kilito as the north African regional coordinator for the 2022 World Press Photo Contest. Ateliers Medicis and the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) selected Kilito in 2021 to take part in the French national photographic commission: “Regards du Grand Paris”.

In 2020, Kilito was chosen by the British Journal of Photography among the 18 emerging photographers from across the globe to watch, was the winner of 6×6 Global Talent by World Press Photo, received The Photography Prize of the Fondation des Treilles and won CAP Prize, the prize for the contemporary African photography. This same year, he co-founded KOZ, a collective of four Moroccan visual artists working on long-term projects and sharing a passion for storytelling.

He is an alumnus of the 2019 edition of the Eddie Adams Workshop in New York where he earned a National Geographic Award. In 2018, Kilito was part of the Arab Documentary Photography Program, a joint program by the Magnum Foundation, the Arab Fund for Art and Culture (AFAC), and the Prince Claus Fund during which he worked on his ongoing project Portrait of a generation questioning the realities of Moroccan youth. In 2016, he received a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco and started photographing the series Destiny about the relationship between work and social determinism which was exhibited at PhotoESPAÑA Festival (Madrid), the French Institute (Rabat), Addis Foto Festival (Addis Ababa), Revela’T Festival (Barcelona) and The Africa Institute (Sharjah).

His work has been shown at festivals and venues including Sharjah Art Foundation (Sharjah), 1:54 Art Fair (Paris), Tate Modern (London), National Museum of Photography (Rabat), Beirut Image Festival (Beirut), Photo Vogue Festival (Milan), Helsinki Photo Festival (Helsinki) and Breda Photo Festival (Breda) amidst others. His photographs have been featured in magazines and newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The British Journal of Photography, Vogue Italia, L’Express, VICE Arabia, and El Pais.

Kilito graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Montreal and an M.A. in Political Science from Ottawa University.

Instagram: @mhammed_kilito

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Anastasia Samoylova

Anastasia Samoylova

Throughout the past twelve years, I have focused my work on the notions of place and landscape, addressing how places we inhabit and landscapes we look at, in both real and mediated form, shape our understanding of the world and our position to affect change in it. From the visible signs of a heating climate in the vulnerable coastal areas of the Southern United States to a geographically vast exploration of urban landscapes in global cities, my work investigates how humans impact the world around them and how that human-intervened world, in turn, manifests our values, aspirations, and deficiencies.

Artist Biography
Anastasia Samoylova (b. 1984, USSR) is an American artist who moves between observational photography and studio practice. Her work explores notions of environmentalism, consumerism and the picturesque. Recent exhibitions include the Eastman Museum; Chrysler Museum of Art; The Photographer’s Gallery, London; Kunst Haus Wien; and Museum of Fine Arts, Le Locle. In 2022 Samoylova was shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize. Her work is in the collections at the Perez Art Museum, Miami; High Museum of Art, Atlanta; and Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. Published monographs include Floridas (Steidl, 2022) and FloodZone (Steidl, 2019). Floridas will be presented as a solo exhibition at C/O Berlin in 2023. In 2023 her project Image Cities will be exhibited and published by Fundación MAPFRE and co-published by Hatje Cantz.

Instagram: @anasamoylova

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Azadeh Ghotbi

Azadeh Ghotbi

These images capture how the cyclical forces of nature and human interaction could flow sustainably and be harnessed in a circular harmonious manner.

The camera, symbolising mankind’s technological interventionism, doesn’t attempt to control or disrupt. Whereas Photoshop and rotary devices could have speeded up and perfected the resulting imagery in The Nature of Light series, the artist chose to respectfully highlight the energy and power of nature, at different times of day, through patient observation, trial and error, and manual camera movement. Similarly, the leaves showcased were carefully plucked like precious grapes to spotlight the exquisite quintessence of natural cycles.

Artist Biography
Born in Iran; Brown University alumna; living in London.

Instagram: @AzadehGhotbi

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Dafna Talmor

Dafna Talmor

Constructed Landscapes is an ongoing project produced by re-purposing and collaging negatives from a personal archive of “failed” images. The river Thames marks a border that shapes and alters the flow of the city, physically and metaphorically. In these reconfigured and abstracted images, manmade elements interrupting the so-called purity of the landscape have been removed, while human presence is reasserted through manual intervention; Voids, overlaps and marks mimic elements of landscape. By disrupting composition and distorting perspective, this work points to the constructed nature of landscape, the photographic image – and beyond the frame – a more complex version of reality.

Artist Biography
Dafna Talmor is a London-based artist and lecturer whose practice encompasses photography, spatial interventions, curation and collaborations. Her photographs are included in public collections such as the National Trust, Victoria and Albert Museum, Deutsche Bank, Hiscox and private collections internationally. Recent solo shows include Constructed Landscapes, Carmen Araujo Arte, Caracas, Venezuela, (2022); Constructed Landscapes (vol. iii), TOBE Gallery, Budapest, (2022); Straight Lines are a Human Invention, Sid Motion Gallery, London, (2019); Recent group exhibitions in 2022 include Occupying Photography: To the Milky Way via the Sea, NŌUA (Bodø); Stories We Live With – Selection from the Somlói–Spengler Collection, QContemporary (Budapest); No Place is an Island, Photo50, London Art Fair; and Filling the Cracks, Unseen Unbound, Unseen Amsterdam, (2021); Selected books featuring Talmor’s work include Look at This If You Love Great Photography by Gemma Padley, Ivy Press,
(2021); Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera by Robert Shore, Laurence King Publishing, (2014). Her first monograph – Constructed Landscapes – published by Fw:Books was released in October 2020 and longlisted for the 2021 Kraszna-Krausz Photography Book Award. Talmor has just been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by The Royal Photographic Society and her work is currently on display in Known & Strange: Photographs from the Collection at the V&A Museum and Glossaries, a duo show with Hannah Hughes, at Sid Motion Gallery, until February 2023.

Instagram: @dafnatalmor

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Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro

Water is an essential part of life, and its beauty and sustainability are found in many forms. From the freshwater springs of mountain ranges to roaring waterfalls, from meandering rivers to distant estuaries, from the vastness of the seas to the sound of raindrops, water powers life, nurturing everything it touches with its beauty and replenishing us with its life-giving sustenance. It is through water that we are able to sustain ourselves, no matter the source. The beauty and wonder of water is a gift of Mother Nature and something that all of us should strive to protect and preserve for future generations.

Artist Biography
Hengki Koentjoro is an accomplished photographer, specialising in capturing the spectral domain that lies amidst the shades of black and white. Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia on March 24th 1963, he proceeded to pursue further education in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California—an expedition that plunged him into the professional arena of video production and fine art photography. Childhood introduction to camera on his 11th birthday is by now an earnest love affair that involves an elaborate choreography of composition, texture, shapes and lines.

Upon his return to Indonesia, Hengki settles in Jakarta as a freelance videographer and video editor for nature documentaries and corporate profiles. Delving into what he believes to be his true purpose in life’s journey of expression, he indulges himself in the art of black and white photography on the side. Exploring along the borderlines of light and shadow, yin and yang. Celebrating complexity in the minimalist. Diving into the spiritual in the physical.

Instagram: @hengki_koentjoro_images

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Yasuhiro Ogawa

Yasuhiro Ogawa

“The Dreaming” is a visual travelogue which spans 27 years, from my early 20s to late 40s. I had been traveling around the world without any specific destinations, only following my instinct. When I turned 50, I decided to go through all the B&W negatives I had taken so far. Every moment of the journeys might have been vision of dreams – that’s why I titled “The Dreaming” on this photo story. I believe those photos show my deepest emotions when I clicked the shutters. Deepest emotions flow inside me like a river, and that flow is my life itself.

Artist Biography
Place of Birth : Chigasaki, Japan in 1968
Nationality : Japanese
Place of Residence : Tokyo, Japan

Instagram: @yasuhiropics

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Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah

‘Behold The Ocean’ is an extensive body of work that explores the circumstance of climate research in the southernmost of Patagonia…They researched ocean acidification, a phenomenon caused by global warming. Its negative effects are significant: toxic microalgae thrives and endangers the marine ecosystem’.

Judges & Nominators

Darius Sanai, Chairman of Judges Panel

Darius Sanai is the proprietor of LUX Global Media, an editor-in-chief at Condé Nast International, and a partner in Quartet Consulting. He also owns the Oxford Review of Books. Born in Iran, he studied PPE at Oxford University before working as a foreign correspondent.

Darius has launched more than 30 publications around the world for Condé Nast, most recently Vogue Hong Kong in 2019.  LUX magazine has a focus on art and sustainability and is content partner of Deutsche Bank and numerous luxury groups. He sits on several international boards and is a trustee of conservation charities. He collects contemporary art, modern classic supercars, and punk memorabilia.

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Alan Lo

A restaurateur, food tech investor, and a leading voice in the Asian cultural scene, Alan Lo was listed as one of Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek. In addition to being named one of Blouin Artinfo’s 30 Rising Power Players in the Eastern Art Scene, he featured in international art publication Apollo Magazine’s 40 Under 40 Asia Pacific list.

He has served on a number of cultural institutions including the Design Trust (which he chairs), Art Basel’s Global Patrons Council, the Princeton University Art Museum Advisory Council and the Tate Asia-Pacific Acquisitions Committee as well as Para Site.

Alan holds an AB in architecture from Princeton University.

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Audrey Bazin

Audrey Bazin is the Artistic Director of the Louis Roederer Foundation. She is a Contemporary Art Historian specialising in photography. She has directed the three spaces of La Galerie Particulière (Paris, Brussels) before having directed the photography department of the Christophe Gaillard gallery while creating for the gallery Artistic Residencies and Fellowships  at Château du Tremblay. She has been member of the Paris Photo Committee Selection and the Artistic Director of the Camera Clara Photography Prize. She has also been General Manager of Domaine de Fontenille a luxurious hotel in South of France with a starred restaurant, a wine estate and an art centre.


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Azu Nwagbogu

Azu Nwagbogu is an internationally acclaimed curator, interested in evolving new models of engagement with questions of decolonization, restitution, and repatriation. In his practice, the exhibition becomes an experimental site for reflection, civic engagement, ecology and repatriation – both tangible and symbolic. Nwagbogu is the Founder and Director of African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), a non- profit organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He also serves as Founder and Director of LagosPhoto Festival, an annual international arts festival of photography held in Lagos. He is the publisher of Art Base Africa, a virtual space to discover and learn about contemporary art from Africa and its diasporas. In 2021, Nwagbogu was awarded “Curator of Year 2021” by the Royal Photographic Society, UK, and also listed amongst the hundred most influential people in the art world by ArtReview. In 2021, Nwagbogu launched the project “Dig Where You Stand (DWYS) – From Coast to Coast” which offers a new model for institutional building and engagement, with questions of decolonization, restitution and repatriation, the exhibition took place in Ibrahim’s Mahama’s culture hub SCCA in Tamale, Ghana.

Most recently in 2023, Nwagbogu was appointed “Explorer at Large” by National Geographic Society to serve as an ambassador for the Organization and receive support to continue his storytelling work across Africa and globally, a
title is bestowed on a select few global changemakers. Nwagbogu’s primary interest is in reinventing the idea of the museum and its role as a civic space for engagement for society at large.

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Brandei Estes

Brandei Estes is Head of Photographs in Europe, Middle East and Asia for Sotheby’s and spent over ten years working in photography and contemporary art galleries in London and Paris before joining Sotheby’s in 2013.  Ms. Estes has been instrumental in the growth of the Photographs sales in Europe and further afield, and is the lead business getter for the department. Her comprehensive role within the team also includes professional writing, research and all aspects of auction estimates, fair market value, charitable donation and insurance appraisals.

Ms. Estes is regularly a judge and nominator for numerous international photography awards including the Prix Pictet and the Louis Roederer Photography Prize for Sustainability, and served for five years as the Chair for the advisory committee of The Photographers’ Gallery TPG Contemporaries.  Ms. Estes lectures throughout the year on collecting photographs and the photography market for public and private institutions, museums, galleries and fairs in the UK and continental Europe. Ms. Estes is a graduate of University College London, where she received a double honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian and History of Art.

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Maria Sukkar

Maria Sukkar is a collector and philanthropist based in London. Maria is a member of the International Council at Tate. She chairs their Middle Eastern Acquisitions Committee (MENAAC) and sits on their Photography Acquisitions Committee (PAC). Maria is a trustee of the ICA and is a member of the CaMMEA group of the British Museum and is a Strategic Advisor of the Delfina Foundation. She also sits on the Commissioning Committee at the Hayward Gallery. She supports the Showroom, the Chisenhale, the Camden Art Centre, the South London Gallery and the Design Museum. Whilst in Lebanon Maria supported the Beirut Art Centre and the Homeworks Space.

She sits on the Solomon Guggenheim Directors Circle and on the New Museum International Leadership Council in New York. Maria is on the Photo London Founders Committee as well as their Advisory Board and is a nominator of the Prix Pictet photography prize.Maria is a trustee of the St Jude’s Cancer Centre for Children (Beirut-London) and a vice-chair of the Chain of Hope (London).

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Maryam Eisler

Maryam Eisler is a London-based photographer and author. She is a contributing editor to LUX magazine, and has contributed photographically and editorially to Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Arabia. Her book Voices: East London was published in 2018.

She sits on the advisory board of Photo London, is a nominator for the Prix Pictet photography award, was co-chair of Tate’s Middle East North Africa Acquisitions committee and is a founding member of the British Museum’s Contemporary and Modern Middle Eastern Art acquisition group. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Columbia University.

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Nadja Swarovski

Nadja is a business entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in luxury with focus on fashion, jewelry, architecture, home décor, and the entertainment industries globally. She initiated and lead creative collaborations and partnerships for her family firm Swarovski in these areas while also spearheading Swarovski’s focus on Sustainability (supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, employee engagement, water management). She founded and chaired the Swarovski Foundation focusing on female empowerment, protection of the environment, and the celebration of arts and culture as a basis of education for under privileged children.

Today she has established the Pegasus Private Capital fund with the intention to support brands and companies in the fields of her expertise – fashion, jewelry, art, architecture, entertainment, sustainability – emphasizing sustainability in creation and manufacturing. Her business vision to support and create brands and products in driven by values to protect people and planet.

Nadja was the first female member of the Executive Board of Swarovski, which was founded in Austria by her great-great-grandfather Daniel Swarovski in 1895. She led the Branding, Sustainability and Licensing divisions and launched the luxury brands in fashion jewelry – Atelier Swarovski and in lighting – Swarovski Crystal Palace.

Her career in the family business started in 1995 in New York, Hong Kong and London, with a focus to showcase Swarovski’s crystal components to the industries of the fashion, jewelry, architecture, lighting and design, encouraging designers to discover crystal’s creative potential. The resulting 500+ global collaborations and partnerships established her as one of the 21st century’s most significant patrons of design talent

In 2007 Nadja launched Atelier Swarovski, an haute couture jewelry, accessories and home décor line. Among the many collaborators were Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christopher Kane and Viktor & Rolf. Committed to driving positive change within the industry, she launched Atelier Swarovski Fine Jewelry in 2017, a collaboration with the actress Penélope Cruz, who designed the collections implementing created diamonds, created gemstones and Fairtrade gold. The line embodied what Nadja terms Conscious Luxury – a new way of doing business that puts compassion and sustainability at its heart.

Besides supporting UCLA’s costume design department and working with numerous costume and set designers, Nadja worked with Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles on the creation of the crystal encrusted Oscar curtains for 11 years. In 2012 she worked with the Bourellec Brothers on the first permanent contemporary installation, the Gabrielle Chandelier, at the Palace de Versailles, followed by the collaboration with the brothers to reimagine the 6 fountains at the Champs Elysees in 2019. In 2018 she collaborated with architect Daniel Libeskind to create the crystal star for the Rockefellers Christmas tree, which has been seen in the years to follow.

In 2016 Nadja was made a Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the Republic of France. In London in 2019 she received an honorary doctorate from the University of the Arts London and was granted a Royal Warrant by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

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Sophie Neuendorf 

Sophie Neuendorf is Vice President at artnet. She has over 10 years of experience within the art market, with a focus on the online art trade, art as an asset class, and data-driven decision making. Additionally, she on the Advisory Board of ArtDeal AG, which focuses on the online presentation and trade of emerging artists. Most recently, she developed artnet’s ESG policy and report, and is spearheading the development of sustainable business practices within the art industry. Sophie is also a contributing editor for artnet News as well as Lux Magazine, a publication focused on sustainable luxury.

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Alia Al Senussi

Princess Alia Al-Senussi, PhD, is an active member of the contemporary art world with a focus on cultural strategy and patronage systems. She is a cultural strategist, writer, patron, public speaker and academic.

Princess Alia has served as Art Basel’s UK and MENA Representative for over a decade, and is also currently Senior Advisor, International Outreach for Art Basel. In 2019 she was appointed Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia, where she focuses on developing international partnerships whilst working on a variety of projects across the Ministry’s commissions and the Diriyah Biennale Foundation. Princess Alia is a visiting lecturer at Brown University’s Watson Institute, working with the Middle East Studies Program.

Princess Alia is currently a member of the Tate Modern Advisory Council (London), the Strategic Advisory Panel of the Delfina Foundation (London), the Board of Trustees of The Showroom (London), the Board of Trustees of FUNTASIA/Elisa Sednaoui Foundation (UK / Egypt / Italy), the Board of Governors of Aiglon College (Switzerland) as well as a member of Therme Advisory Board (Germany) and the UCCA Contemporary Circle (China).

She continues to serve as a founding member of the Tate’s Acquisitions Committee for the Middle East and North Africa, the Board of 1:54 The African Art Fair, and the Middle East Circle of the Guggenheim, the Middle East Studies Advisory Committee at Brown University, the Serpentine Future Contemporaries (and founding committee member) as well as was a founding member of the Board of Patrons of Art Dubai, having played an integral role in the founding of the fair. Princess Alia is also a member of the British Museum committee for the acquisition of Middle Eastern art.

Dr Alia has a PhD in Politics from SOAS (London), examining the nexus of power and cultural patronage, featuring Saudi Arabia as a case study. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in International Relations (honors) and Middle East Studies from Brown University and holds an MA in Political Science from Brown and an MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society from the London School of Economics.

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Bindi Vora

Bindi Vora is British-Indian artist working with expanded photography, Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication and Curator at Autograph a London-based non-profit arts charity that explores issues of identity, representation, human rights and social justice through photography. Since joining Autograph, she has curated Eric Gyamfi (2023), Poulomi Basu: Fireflies (2022), co-curated Sasha Huber: You Name It (2022) Care I Contagion I Community ­– Self & Other (2021-2022); Lola Flash: [sur]passing and Maxine Walker: Untitled (both 2019) and contributed to a series of in-conversations with multidisciplinary artists include Mónica Alcázar-Duarte, Maryam Wahid, Tobi Alexandra Falade, David Uzochukwu amongst others. She has independently curated Poulomi Basu: Centralia for Recontres d’Arles – Louis Roederer Discovery Award (2020); Let’s Go Through This Again (2018); her writing has appeared in publications by Maryam Wahid Zaibuinnisa (Midlands Art Centre, 2022); Another Country: British Documentary Photography Since 1945 (Thames & Hudson); FOAM Magazine and British Journal of Photography, participating in public programmes for Tate, GRAIN Photo Hub, The Photographers’ Gallery amongst others.

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Carolina Conforti

With over two decades of experience in the art world, Carolina has worked with the most prestigious auction houses, spoken to world renowned artists and curators, and inspired collectors around the world. The Art Talks is Carolina’s crowning achievement, at the intersection of her love for arts, and her desire to support all those who contribute to a better world with passion, dedication and purpose.

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Durjoy Rahman

Durjoy Rahman is the Managing Director of Winner Creations Ltd which he co-founded in 1993. As one of the oldest apparel & textile sourcing companies in the country with offices in Hongkong and Los Angeles, it represents numerous US and European clients for their garment requirements from Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China. From the inception of the company, design and innovation have been its primary focus.

Being an avid art collector for over 25 years, in 2018, Durjoy Rahman founded Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation (DBF) to promote art and artists from South Asia and beyond in a critical, international art context. Rahman is one of the most significant art collectors in the region with a major collection of South Asian art and significant works by Sunil Gupta, Raghu Rai, Sebastiao Salgado, Munem Wasif, Abir Abdullah etc. As an art foundation, DBF supports artists in creating new artworks and engages art practitioners in relevant exhibitions, publications, and residencies.

Within a short span of time, DBF has supported many cultural projects focused on South Asian and MEASA art practitioners with major organisations including Alserkal Arts Foundation, Dubai (UAE), Asia Society India Centre, Mumbai (India) and SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin (Germany), Kochi Biennale Foundation (India) etc.

DBF has worked closely with organizations including Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, Gidree Bawlee Foundation of the Arts, Lightbox Group and many more to nurture critical discourse and explore cross cultural exchange. Albeit the constraints and challenges induced by the Covid pandemic, the foundation has explored new means to support artists in creating and producing new works, engaged with critics and scholars in several exhibitions and publications, and loaned South Asian artworks from the collection to many major museums and exhibitions globally. During the lockdown due to the pandemic, Rahman inaugurated The DBF Creative Studio, located in Baridhara, Dhaka from the need of an alternative space to experience art and creativity on a limited scale while maintaining safety parameters.

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Francesca Pinto

Francesca is currently responsible for the global gallery and retail operations of Magnum Photos, the pre-eminent photo agency representing some of the world’s most acclaimed photographers.

Francesca has been working in the arts world since 2011, as Director of Development for The Photographers’ Gallery – the largest public institution in the UK exclusively dedicated to photography – and previously as General Manager for Christie’s South Kensington. She has been lending her photographic expertise as a judge to numerous Awards, including the Bar-Tur Award and the Youmanity Prize.

Before transitioning to the arts world, Francesca enjoyed a successful career in investment banking and private equity, holding senior positions at Morgan Stanley and Permira.

Francesca holds an M Litt in Contemporary Arts from the University of Glasgow and a CEMS Master in Management from HEC University in Paris. Prior to that, she graduated summa cum laude in Business Management from Bocconi University in Milan.

A committed patron of the arts, Francesca is an RSA Fellow and an active supporter of The Photographers’ Gallery, the Design Museum, PEER and AWITA.

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Helen Ho

Helen is a contemporary art specialist with more than twelve years’ experience working with collectors of all backgrounds and cultivating relationships with different stakeholders, from artists and gallerists to corporates and institutions.

Currently the Fair Manager of a leading boutique art fair in London, Eye of the Collector, Helen has also been managing dslcollection, one of the most prominent private collections of Chinese contemporary art in Europe since 2010. A key focus in this role is to create content across different digital platforms, including e-publications, newsletters, virtual museum, and social media.

A former specialist consultant to Bonhams London, Helen has an in-depth understanding of business and collector development as well as cultural programming required to develop these specific audiences. She has advised and executed: collectors’ events, touring exhibitions, collection management, as well as general acquisition and sale of artworks. Helen was also responsible for developing VIP/collector engagement programmes as well as partnership cultivation for Photo London.

Helen is a published author of articles on contemporary art and photography and is a respected researcher into contemporary art valuation and market trend analysis.

Helen’s language skills include English (fluent), French (conversant), Mandarin (conversant), Cantonese (conversant), and German (basic).

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Jumoke Sanwo

Jumoke Sanwo is a Lagos-based storyteller, cultural producer, and founder of Revolving Art Incubator Lagos. She uses lens-based productions, exhibitions, and social and spatial interventions to create new imaginaries and inclusive frameworks for urban development.

Her work explores the complexities of postcolonial realism and the disappearance of public and social spaces in Lagos. She has contributed to several publications, and online resources including MoMA Post-Notes on Art in a Global Context.

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Maria Pia Bernardoni

Maria Pia Bernardoni is a contemporary arts’ curator, international project facilitator and art events’ organizer. With a background in humanities and law, she is interested in human rights and issue of contemporary relevance, particularly investigating the role of photographic representations of identity, culture, spaces, social interactions and genders. Her main interests sits in the organization and promotion of community-based projects’ domain as she strongly believes in the positive socio-economic impact of participatory processes. She has made an impact in the artistic and photographic scene and significant contribution through the promotion of cross-cultural projects and exchanges between Europe and Africa, breaking barriers and stereotypes. Having worked with artists and institutions from several African countries, as curator, consultant and artists’ representative, she has built a trusted reputation, networks and relationships with many African arts practitioners, particularly in West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal). She manages and collaborates with diverse multi-cultural teams and operates in highly diverse cultural environments, adjusting the processes and the programs to local necessities and praxis. She is recognized as one of the leading experts in African photography and is often invited as a conference panelist or advisor on the subject.

Since 2015 she is the curator of international exhibitions for the African Artists’ Foundation and LagosPhoto festival. In this capacity, she has co-curated the exhibition “Day your Lane” at Bozar Museum in Bruxelles and “Tear my Bra” at Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2016. She also curated the exhibition “AfricAfrica” at Palazzo Litta in Milan in 2018. She has been part of the curatorial team for the past five editions of LagosPhoto Festival, in Nigeria from 2015 to 2019.

She was the advisor and project manager for the community art project “My Story is a Story of Hope” by the artist Patrick Willocq, in 2017. She conceived and directed the short film “If I Left My Country”, a series of interviews with asylum seekers and french hosting citizens, shown at Les Rencontres d’Arles, Photography Festival in 2018.

She was advisor and production manager for the community photo project “The Art of Survival” by Patrick Willocq, in collaboration with refugee children, commissioned by Save The Children UK, realized in refugee camps in Lebanon and Tanzania.

Since 2020 she is a visiting researcher at the Brighton University, contributing to a project aiming at building innovative and fruitful collaborations between the academy and the contemporary art world.

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Michael Hoppen

Michael has been involved in photography in one form or another for over 45 years. Having attained a 1st class BA honor in photography film and television in 1979 at the LCC and studying a year at the Royal College of Art in London, Michael then opened his own studio as a commercial and art photographer, which he closed in 1991. The Michael Hoppen Gallery was born in 1992 and is committed to photography in all its forms, holding regular exhibitions of 19th, 20th and 21st Century photography and exhibiting its artists widely abroad. Over the years, the Michael Hoppen Gallery has exhibited at art fairs in New York, Mexico, Hong Kong, Basel, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Paris and London.

In June 2021, after twenty-nine years spaced over three floors in the heart of Chelsea, the Michael Hoppen Gallery moved to an archive space in Notting Hill. Despite the move and the changes, the gallery continues to be passionate about the photograph and all that concerns this extraordinary art form.

Since 1992, the Michael Hoppen Gallery has worked with many of the great names and estates in photography such Jacques Henri Lartigue, Tim Walker, Man Ray, Sarah Moon, Masahisa Fukase, Bradford Washburn, Daido Moriyama, Lucien Hervé, Shomei Tomatsu, Yoshihiko Ueda, Brassai, Erwin Blumenfeld, Peter Beard, Nobuyoshi Araki, Guy Bourdin, , Richard Learoyd, Eamonn Doyle, Eikoh Hosoe, Ishiuchi Miyako, to name a few, as well as many leading galleries and institutions around the world. The gallery has specialised in 20th C Japanese photography since 2006 and continues to bring new and fascinating artists, such as Sohei Nishino to the attention of museums collectors around the world. The gallery also holds a wide range of vintage material that it continues to add to.

The gallery deals on a regular basis with museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Modern in London, SFMoMA, The Pompidou in Paris, The Albertina in Vienna, The National Gallery of Washington, The Rijks Museum Amsterdam, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Getty in LA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, finding museum quality and rare photographic material for acquisition.

The gallery also advises large and smaller companies on their collections and visual merchandising strategies such as N.M Rothschild, British Airways, GAP, Jupiter Asset management Polo Ralph Lauren, Pfizer, Sainsbury Centre, Norwich and Deutsche Bank, to name a few. We have also been closely involved in developing substantial collections of Japanese material for private collections.

The Michael Hoppen Gallery is also dedicated to the exhibition and publishing of photography. The gallery is also committed to a high degree of excellence and integrity in its practice and to educate and promote the gallery’s core values in the appreciation of all photographic structures, process and disciplines and to what these represent to collectors, collections and academics.

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Mon Muellerschoen

Mon Muellerschoen, art historian and art advisor, founded MM-Artmanagement, a service company for private and corporate art collections, after completing her studies in art history. Today she advises corporations such as Hubert Burda Media or Roland Berger and private collectors. Supporting young artists is particularly important to her.

In 2021, she founded the art community Mon Muellerschoen gives lectures, curates exhibitions and lives for her passion, art. She is known to a broad public through her weekly art  column in BUNTE magazine.

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Nachson Mimran

Nachson Mimran is a father, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of, Creative Director and Chairman of the Board of The Alpina Gstaad, and Provocateur in Chief of several organisations including Extreme E.

Founded in 2015 by Nachson and his brother Arieh Mimran, is a venture fund, foundation, and collection of creative endeavours, all focused on accelerating Earth’s most vital ventures.

With a passion for nature and humanity stemming from a childhood spent in West Africa and Europe, Nachson leverages his network to address Earth’s most pressing challenges and ensure the future health of people and planet.

Previously, Nachson successfully led the family agro-industrial business in West Africa alongside his brother David Mimran.

Nachson has also developed several real estate projects across Africa and Europe, from hospitality to residential, and serves as Head of International Affairs on the Senegalese Olympic Committee.

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Sueraya Shaheen

Sueraya Shaheen is photographer, and founder of SURA Art Advisory. A recognized thought leader and authority on photography, with a sharp focus on the Arab World, she co-founded Tribe, a nonprofit publication and platform. As Photo Editor of the magazine, published bi-annually, she focuses on Photography and Moving Image from the region.

Currently editing a book that features black and white photography, she continues to work as a professional photographer herself building an extensive archive of artists portraits.

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Talenia Phua Gajardo

Talenia is the head Art & Design Hunter and CEO of The Artling. She is a Loke Cheng-Kim
Foundation scholar and received her BA (Hons) Architecture from Central Saint Martin’s in
London. In 2013, as she was working on various interior design and architecture projects, she
discovered that there were no aggregated online platforms to discover contemporary art in the
region; The Artling was thus founded to fill this gap in the market. Prior to The Artling,
Talenia founded her own interior architecture and design practice which she started after
working for Zaha Hadid Architects for several years in London.

Talenia’s life passions are intertwined with the world of contemporary art, architecture and
design. She has served as design judge for Dezeen’s Awards, was on Hong Kong’s Design Trust
benefit committee for three consecutive years and was a Milken Institute Young Leader Circle
member. She has also spoken at numerous international conferences and has been part of
panels for UBS, DBS, The Milken Institute, Facebook, SuperReturn Asia, Dezeen, Art Basel
and STPI.

Besides The Artling’s digital platform, they also offer end-to-end consultancy and sourcing
services for both private and corporate clients. Working with private collectors, interior
designers, architects and property developers, The Artling assists with developing art themes
and narratives, guiding concept design processes, and sourcing and commissioning site-specific

Their portfolio of esteemed clients include the likes of LVMH, Google, GIC, JLL, Pontiac
Land Group, Frasers Hospitality, Just Co, Shiseido and many more., now lists over 4,000+ designers, artists and galleries from all over the world,
with new artworks and design items added to the site daily. The Artling works internationally
and is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Shanghai and Zurich.

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