Champagne Louis Roederer are awarded the Robert Parker Green Emblem 2023

Champagne Louis Roederer are awarded the Robert Parker Green Emblem 2023

Since 2021, the Robert Parker Green Emblem has been awarded to wineries demonstrating an outstanding commitment to sustainable viticulture and the long-term protection of the environment and biodiversity. 

Louis Roederer, which was one of the 24 wineries to be recognised in the first global awards, has again picked up an award this year.

Announcing this award, the prestigious Robert Parker Wine Advocate said: 

“At the turn of the millennium, Louis Roederer launched their plan initiating a revolution in Champagne, which aimed to take Roederer “back to the roots,” weaning the vineyards off herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and returning to cultivating the soils […]. At the same time, Cellar Master Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon began introducing biodynamic methods in the house’s vineyards in order to obtain deeper root systems and more resilience in warm, dry weather. […] The significance of Roederer’s commitment to organic farming is considerable.”

Massal selection, gentle pruning, long fallowing periods, biodynamic compost, hedgerows and low walls, beehives… It is this ‘renaissance viticulture’ that the Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s distinguished critics were recognising and applauding once again. They also pointed out that the family-owned business, today headed by Frédéric Rouzaud, was a pioneer in the Champagne region when it embarked on the organic growing certification process in 2018. As a result, 115 hectares of its historic vineyards have now received organic growing certification (the AB label in France).

“The Robert Parker Green Emblem is a wonderful tribute to the commitment and hard work of the team headed by Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon. Obtaining it again this year is not only a further source of pride to us, but it is also a real encouragement for us to continue along this demanding and rewarding path towards a type of family viticulture whose objective, beyond those of organic and biodynamic practices, ©Louis Roederer / Emmanuel&Quentin
is to preserve biodiversity and to seek ever more vibrant flavours and expressions in our grapes and wines… This commitment is inextricably tied to the history of my family and the powerful link we share with Nature and these great terroirs,” said Frédéric Rouzaud, CEO of Louis Roederer.

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