Champagne Louis Roederer crowned Most Admired Champagne Brand in the World

Champagne Louis Roederer crowned Most Admired Champagne Brand in the World

Champagne Louis Roederer are delighted and humbled to have been named as The Most Admired Champagne Brand in the World 2021 by Drinks International for the third time in four years. They first received the title in 2018 followed by 2020 and now 2021.


Louis Roederer are the only brand to boast a top three place for the last six consecutive years and as Giles Fallowfield notes “this is the sort of consistent excellence that Most Admired sets out to highlight” and to achieve it “producers have to be constantly striving for improvement”.  He goes on to acknowledge that “in champagne it takes a relatively long time before anything bears fruit, especially if it is in the vineyard”, and it is their concerted movement towards organic and biodynamic farming that has made such an impact at Roederer.  Chef de Cave Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon acknowledges that “consistently better quality fruit and juice is obtained from the biodynamically and organically farmed vines.”


By 2018 Roederer had converted 115ha of their 242ha vineyards to organic certification.  A further 115ha are in their final year of certification and the final 5 ha will be certified the following year.  Fallowfield notes that here “’hand in hand with nature’ is not the empty catch phrase one suspects it is for some large agricultural businesses”.


Richard Billett, MD of Maisons Marques et Domaines, the UK subsidiary of Champagne Louis Roederer commented “For Louis Roederer to be named the Most Admired Champagne Brand in the World again in 2021 is both humbling and gratifying, with peer acknowledgement recognising the maison’s philosophy, careful curation of the brand as well as its pioneering vision.”


The Drinks International Academy of professional wine experts boasts more than 300 members who have a specific interest in and professional knowledge of the champagne market.  They all vote in the definitive survey, which dictates the list of admired champagne brands.  The survey asks them to rate their top 5 brands based on the following criteria:


·       Quality and consistency of the brand, particularly their NV expression

·       The strength of the branding and marketing.

·       The price to quality ration across the range.

·       How much they respect and admire the champagne house.

·       How strong the brand is in relation to its peers within the champagne sector


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