Chardonnay harvest begins in Pio Cesare vineyards

Chardonnay harvest begins in Pio Cesare vineyards

Harvest 2014 gets underway at Pio Cesare starting, as usual with the Chardonnay grapes.

After an unusual growing season, with an uncharacteristically cool summer, harvest at Pio Cesare began at the beginning of September with some sun at the very last minute, saving the day.

The photo is of Rombone, a single hectare vineyard in the commune of Treiso in the Barbaresco zone, the grapes from which go into the blend for Pio Cesare’s excellent value Chardonnay, ‘L’Altro’. ‘L’Altro’ is made from a blend of grapes from Rombone and Il Bricco in Treiso and Cappelletto and Bossania in the commune of Trezzo.

Chardonnay grapes from ‘Il Bricco’, harvested from vines up to 34 years old, also go into the blend of the Pio Cesare ‘Piodilei’ along with grapes grown in the Colombaro vineyard (Serralunga).

In total Pio Cesare own 8.5 hectares of Chardonnay vines planted in the Barolo and Barbaresco zones.


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