Loudenne purchased by Chinese group Mautai

Loudenne purchased by Chinese group Mautai

The Moutai Group purchased the cru bourgeois chateau in the Médoc in 2013. Plans include rejuvenating the historic pink chateau and potentially operating a luxury hotel on the property.

In an interview with Decanter, Zhong Huaili, president of Chateau Loudenne, commented: “We plan to sell around 50% of production in China, with the rest remaining in traditional markets.

“We have television advertising planned, and are already well known for our Moutai drink. We expect to receive a high number of Chinese tourists in the future, as well as making this a reward destination for our staff back in China. This is to be our showcase in Europe.”

Huaili looked at 30 properties before deciding on Loudenne. He plans to invest €5million in upgrading the production facilities and building a new winery.

The Moutai Group is based in the Guizhou Province and has a turnover of €4.4 billion, and also owns vineyards in Changli in the Hebei Province. The group is a significant producer of Chinese alcohols such as baijiu.

Chateau Loudenne is its first vineyard purchase outside of China.

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