Domaines Ott* is “the essence of summer in a bottle!”

Domaines Ott* is “the essence of summer in a bottle!”

In a recent interview with Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Today, Piers German of Burns & German Vintners extolled the virtues of Domaines Ott* Rosé, describing the range as “the essence of summer captured in a bottle!”

Piers states that Ott* are “pioneers of Provencal rosé” who “outshin[e] the opposition on every occasion”.

To use Piers’ own words:

“This small estate established in 1896 by Marcel Ott is the epitome of what dedication to the vines and a refusal to compromise can achieve. Today Marcel’s principles are upheld by his descendant Jean Francois Ott and its distinctive bottles can be found in restaurants from Club 55 in St Tropez to Dinner by Heston in Knightsbridge. The single vineyard wines, Clos Mireille in particular, are so well made they can be drunk three or four years after release and still burst with the ripe fruit and a hint of Mediterranean minerality for which it is famous.”

Piers also recommends the winery’s newest wine, By Ott, designed to make the Ott range more accessable, so “everyone can share in the joy of what [Burns & German] consider to be the finest rosé in the market today”!


Contact Domaines Ott* Brand Manager, Christine Allen, to find out more.

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