Great Parker Scores for Pazo Barrantes!

Great Parker Scores for Pazo Barrantes!

The latest vintages of Pazo de Barrantes’ two Albariños have received outstanding Parker scores. After tasting the wines, Luis Gutierrez said that ‘the wines of Pazo de Barrantes, in Rias Baixas, have become one of the best values of this Appellation of Origin’.

Located in the Salnés valley, just a few kilometres from the Atlantic coast, Pazo de Barrantes boasts 12 hectares of Albariño vineyards surrounding their 16th century Galician Palace. All the vines are trained high on supporting wires in the “Parral” trellis system, as is the local tradition, to guard against mildew and rot, and also to assist ripening. The soil is sandy, acidic and shallow.

The Pazo Barrantes style is rich and full, released last out of all the wineries in the region after a slow malolactic fermentation and is intended to develop well in bottle.

Pazo Barrantes 2015: 90-91 points

‘It has a very expressive nose and it’s creamy on the palate following its characteristic style, while maintaining the freshness and acidity. It is evolving very well and gaining complexity.’

La Comtesse 2013: 93 points

‘The best vintage of La Comtesse so far. It shows a brilliant combination between volume and freshness when tasting it. If you want to combine Albariño grape with oak, this is the way to do it.’

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