Introducing the 2017 Riesling Clos Saint Léger from Domaines Schlumberger

Introducing the 2017 Riesling Clos Saint Léger from Domaines Schlumberger

We are thrilled to announce the release of a remarkable new addition to Domaines Schlumberger portfolio: the 2017 Riesling Clos Saint Léger. Nestled in the heart of the Grand Cru Kitterlé in the wine-growing commune of Guebwiller, Alsace, this wine embodies the epitome of excellence and tradition.

A Legacy Unveiled

Created by 7th generation of the family, Séverine and Thomas Schlumberger, the 2017 Riesling Clos Saint Léger marks the very first vintage of this extraordinary wine. Cultivated on a unique 1.6 ha plot with vines dating back to 1995, this wine reflects the distinct volcanic-sandstone terroir of the region. Situated on south-facing terraces within the Grand Cru Kitterlé ranging between 342 and 392 meters, the vineyard enjoys optimal sun exposure, resulting in grapes of unparalleled quality.

A Labour of Love

The journey of the Clos Saint Léger begins in the meticulous vineyard practices upheld by Domaines Schlumberger. Cultivated organically and with utmost environmental reverence, the vineyard employs traditional methods such as horse ploughing and handpicking to ensure the finest quality grapes. Limited yields ranging between 20 and 35 hl/ha are achieved through painstaking attention to detail, including green manure, shoot thinning, and canopy management—all performed by hand. Upon harvest, the grapes are delicately transported to the cellar in small crates, where they undergo gentle pressing to extract their full aromatic potential. Following a meticulous fermentation process in stainless steel tanks under rigorous temperature control, the wine is aged on fine lees until bottling.

A Tribute to Tradition

The name “Clos Saint Léger” pays homage to the Saint-Léger church, a symbol of artistic and spiritual significance in the Abbey of Murbach. Inspired by the sun-drenched slopes of the Florival in the Guebwiller valley, this wine captures the essence of its blessed terroir, as described by the monk Frulandus in his “Life of Saint Léger” from 1041.

Note: Small allocations of Riesling Le Clos Saint Leger 2017 will be available in the UK from late May 2024.

You can download the interview to Thomas Schlumberger by Wanda Mann recently published on The Somm Journal below.

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