New Belguardo wine: Codice V, Vermentino’s extreme version

New Belguardo wine: Codice V, Vermentino’s extreme version

The Mazzei family have been firm believers in Vermenitno’s savoury and mineral profile from the first day they started making wine in Maremma. They have long recognised the grape’s ageing potential and complex aromatic profile so they aimed to push their Vermentino a step further, so they created an extreme version of Vermentino, Codice V. The vineyard has a medium texture composition and a good sandstone presence , particularly suitable to enhance this grape variety.

Here, the family planted 2 clones of Vermentino from Corsica and 2 clones of Vermentino from Sardinia , specially selected to bring savory notes, minerality and aromatic complexity to the wine.

The 2019 Vintage represents, at this regard, an expressive peak due to an extreme vinification process: 50% of the grapes are vinified on the skins for 9 months, partly in amphora, the other 50%, in steel “sur lies” The result is a wine comparable with a great red for the complexity and the aging potential

We are delighted to bring you this limited production Vermentino from Tenuta Belguardo.

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