Platter’s Review Meerlust Estate

Platter’s Review Meerlust Estate

Platter’s Wine Guide is South Africa’s best-selling wine annual. It is an up-to-date and comprehensive guide to South Africa’s wine and winelands, featuring hundreds of producers, negociants, wines and brands.

Platter’s was awarded the Domaines Ott* award for Annual Wine Guides in the 2007 Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards and continues to produce outstanding wine annuals every year.

Platter’s describes Meerlust Estate:

“The long and continuing history of this fine family estate in Stellenbosch has little parallel in the Cape, certainly in conjunction with a tradition of fine winemaking. The lovely old manor house is lived in now by Hannes Myburgh, descendant of the Johannes Myburgh who bought the property in 1757 and developed the land and the charming complex of buildings. There’s also a valuable continuity (on a shorter scale!) in cellar and vineyard: Chris Williams has made Meerlust wine, in a brilliant blend of elegant classicism and modernism, since 2004 (much longer, if one takes into account his time as assistant), while Roelie Joubert has been chief tender of the vines since 2001. Importantly, as underlined by their Fairtrade accreditation, Hannes Myburgh ensures there’s also a genuine, pervading concern for the whole Meerlust community’s wellbeing.”

Platter’s have awarded Meerlust’s wines with outstanding scores, with the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlots receiving 4/5 and the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir 2013 and Rubicon 2010 receiving 5/5 stars.

Platter’s called the Rubicon 2010 vintage ‘superlative…complex, dense’.

The Chardonnay is described as a ‘lightly fruited expression with no loss of subtlety, breeding or class. Silk textured, for earlier enjoyment’.


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