Roederer shows off new livery

Roederer shows off new livery

May 2014 – Champagne Louis Roederer is delighted to unveil its new branding, the first change in eight years. With visuals designed by Philippe di Meo – the creative genius behind the stunning Flacon Médaillon Cristal Jeroboam 2002 – the range is vibrant and modern, yet effortlessly stylish and classic, reflecting the ideals of the Maison, as well as strengthening the relationship between Louis Roederer and its prestige cuvée, Cristal.

Heritage, authenticity, tradition, alongside a strong sense of prestige are all integral to the brand – ideas that are at the heart of the rebranding which sees a new brand logo as well as new labels, gift boxes and imagery across all of the range with the exception of Cristal.

The thinking behind the change
Champagne Louis Roederer has always had its finger on the artistic world’s pulse through its work with the Roederer Foundation as well as its involvement with institutions such as the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts. Consequently, the house well understands the need for visual reinvention to stay relevant.

The bold and sophisticated new look aims to boost the brand’s wine credentials, as well as reinforce the brand’s unique savoir-faire all the while keeping a-pace with the market.

Revisiting the logo
The new Louis Roederer brand signature further establishes and consolidates the identity of the Maison, emphasizing the brand name, while balancing heritage alongside contemporary relevance. The seal, which has always enjoyed prominence on the Cristal bottle, is featured more prominently – once again bringing Cristal closer to the full range.

The signature is clean and distinctive, with better stand out for the brand name, while the elegant and refined style is more characteristic of the Louis Roederer brand.

The new face of the range
The bold new face of the Louis Roederer range asserts the brand codes of authenticity, tradition and excellence through its luxuriant and bold style.

The clean lines and simplicity of the new logo is echoed in the new labels, with a specific block colour for each cuvée chosen to mirror the wine’s characteristics. The colour range is picked from the same elegant pastel palette, ensuring consistency. The neck and back labels all match, along with the bottom strip of each front label.

“The coherence across the whole range reinforces its visual impact, brand personality and consistency”, comments Michel Janneau, Executive Vice President of Champagne Louis Roederer.

New visuals
The redesign sees an introduction of new brand visuals created by French designer Philippe di Meo designed to mirror the personality of each wine through eye-catching and elegant imagery which form the basis for the stunning new gift packs. The Maison has also introduced a Deluxe packaging range that will be available exclusively in prestige retailers. Bold and luxurious, these monochrome boxes are made of textured premium mat paper and high quality card, with the style and vintage embossed in gold, with the revised logo as a centre piece.

The range personality

• Brut Premier : round flavours, fresh and generous
• Rosé : elegant and delicate
• Vintage : powerful, subtle and rich
• Blanc de Blancs : mineral, profound and elegant
• Carte Blanche : rich, creamy and full

“Louis Roederer combines respect for traditional values with an ongoing commitment to quality improvement through cutting-edge technology. We wanted to express more than that, building on certain key aspects of established packaging but presented in a purer, simpler and more elegant style,” continues Janneau. “We feel the new look of the brand does justice to our brand architecture, whilst staying in tune with modern tastes”, he concludes.

Virtual branding
The Champagne Louis Roederer website has recently undergone a significant overview, bringing together extensive information about the full range, as well as the Louis Roederer story and the brand’s dedication to excellence at every stage of production, all beautifully presented in an elegant and interactive website that successfully manages to convey the key brand messages of tradition, authenticity and heritage.

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