Tommasi Harvest Update

Tommasi Harvest Update

2015 has been an abundant vintage of exceptional quality, according to a recent article by leading Italian business newspaper, Italy 24.

Tommasi was founded in 1902 and is located in Pedemonte in the heart of the historic ‘Classico’ region, from which the best quality wines are produced. From grandfather Giacomo’s small vineyard holding, the Tommasi estate has grown over the years and today comprises 195 hectares of vineyard including 105 hectares in the Valpolicella Classica and 15 hectares in the Lugana DOC.

Tommasi have released an update following their 2015 harvest:

“The yield is a bit lower compared to 2014, the sanitary condition of the vines is good, with few treatments and a regular vegetative growth.

The vineyards are in good vegetative-productive condition with an excellent quality of the grapes despite the lower yield. The rainfalls at the end of the summer solved some initial stages of water shortage facilitating the next vegetative growth.

The grapes are perfectly safe and intact, which is the characterizing aspect of this vintage 2015. Because of the high temperatures during the summer, the first chemical analysis on the grape show much higher sugar levels than in the past 15 years and a complete phenolic maturation. Therefore, it will not be a vintage of alcoholic wines but a vintage of very balanced wines. The acidity is much lower so the wines will be rounder and softer.

The harvest 2015 shows several strengths: safe grapes, vegetative balance of the vines, not an overabundant production, average sugar and acidity levels with excellent qualitative opportunities.”

In fact, the 2015 Harvest has been so successful that Italian wine growers are setting aside a higher than average amount of wine for “Reserve”. Reserve wines are only produced in excellent years, so the high proportion of wines being set aside this year marks 2015 out as a vintage of exceptional quality.

Italy 24 has quoted Dario Tommasi describing the 2015 vintage:

“We must think about how we can enhance an already extraordinary vintage…in which the July heatwave hindered the growth of parasites and vine diseases, eliminating the use of chemical treatments in the field. Then in August, when the plants began to suffer the stress of dehydration, the right amount of rain came just in time. All with a timeliness that seems entirely planned, and guaranteed high grape quality and a lowering of costs (due to lack of treatment) by approximately 30%.”


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