Domaines Ott Étoile 2019

Producer Information

Domaines Ott was founded in 1912 by Marcel Ott, an agricultural engineer from Alsace who dreamed of establishing a great wine estate near the Mediterranean. Today, the wineries are owned and managed by Champagne Louis Roederer and produce some of the world’s most prestigious wines, but particularly rosé wines, made at distinctively different estates in Bandol and Côtes de Provence appellations.

This new cuvée is born between the land and the sea, it is a wine that lives and breathes Provence. Etoile is the embodiment of Domaines Ott’s terroirs and a reflection of their love for this unique wine region. A place where vineyards and olive groves grow side by side, where the clear blue sky embraces the ochre soils, where time passes slowly, a truly magical place that blends seamlessly into its landscape. A land that they cherish because it represents their childhood, the land in which they grew up, the land that nurtured them into adulthood and helped them to become the wine producers that they are today.


Étoile is a rare wine, a wine that combines the very best of Domaines Ott’s three Provence domaines: The schist terroir at Clos Mireille is reflected in the delectable saline character; the limestone soils at Château de Selle give this wine its finesse; and the calcareous sandstone and sandy marl soils at Château Romassan imbue Étoile with structure and power.


Vinification in stainless steel and 15% of the wine is aged in spherical ceramic vats to accentuate the purity of the estate grown fruit.

Vintage Information

‘The years go by but every year is different’. This quote finds its true meaning with this new vintage whilst also reminding us of the challenges faced by the winemaker. 2019 began with a heatwave in February which is quite unusual for this time of the year. This was then followed by unusually cold weather in April and May which slowed the vine’s growing cycle. The weather settled during the flowering phase with warm, sunny weather and slightly cool nights. We had to observe and adapt to the vine on a daily basis in order to give it what it needed and save it from stress. The health of the grapes was excellent thanks to the consistently warm weather. The harvests kicked off in mid-August and quality was excellent across all the domaines with good balance and expression of the fruit.

Tasting Note

This is a very Provençal rosé, very Ott* in style yet with its own unique perfection, its own distinctive character. A winemaker’s wine, it explores an unexpected and exciting side of Provence.
The fruit is explosive, honest, bright and true to the Ott* signature style, yet it pushes the aromatic depth further with its exquisite body and mouthfeel. The subtle signs of ageing integrate smoothly into the intensity of the fruit, with its fresh, crunchy notes, subtle salinity and perfect balance. Richness and power strike a new balance, united by their intensity, freshness and seductive opulence.
Étoile reveals the identity of these three Provençal terroirs whilst accentuating their elegance, tension and incredible spirit. A new vision has emerged, the promise of a moment of pure magic to be savoured over and over.

Food Pairing

A truly gastronomic wine, cuvée Étoile is the perfect partner to Bouillabaisse, turbot, and shell fish dishes.

Serving Suggestion

Best served at 10°-12°C.


“The colour is in keeping with Provençal rosé – Étoile is a bright, pale salmon pink, the type of appearance that’s both pretty, and promises instant refreshment.

Aromatically, the wine is youthful, fresh, and open, with clearly-defined notes of peach, pear, orange blossom and pomegranate, but also a subtle creaminess, suggesting there’s depth to this rosé.

And, like great Provençal rosés, Étoile manages to combine oily-textured ripe fruit with a dry mouthwatering finish, meaning that the wine feels slightly weighty on the tongue, but fresh as it disappears down the throat – a dangerous combination if you lack self control…

It’s a layered wine, with peach, wild strawberry and orange zest, along with a touch of pink grapefruit, as well as a palate-cleansing chalky character and gently salty sensation.

Overall, it is dry, persistent, and, in particular, pristine – everything about it seems so pure, bright and clean, from the appearance to the nature of the fruit.

While a highly impressive rosé, I’m not surprised it’s good… the component rosés from the 2019 vintage were among my very top scoring wines from this year’s 2020 Global Rosé Masters.”

Patrick Schmitt MW, Drinks Business

80% Grenache
20% Mourvedre

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