Duas Quintas Tinto 2019

Producer Information

Ramos Pinto were the original pioneers of quality winemaking in the Douro, a legacy that lives on today and has been adopted throughout the region.

Duas Quintas gets its name from the two estates the fruit is grown for the wines – Quinta de Ervamoira and Quinta do Bons Ares. Ervamoira lies in a rocky area on the banks of the river Côa, where the weather is hot and dry. This adds density and body to the wines. It was the first Quinta in the Douro where, in contrast to tradition, individual vineyard blocks were planted with a single variety, selected for the grape’s most appropriate soil and climate. Bons Ares is a granite vineyard of higher elevation with cool growing conditions, adding freshness and vivacity.

Duas Quintas wines really showcase the best that the Douro has to offer, full-bodied, full of fresh fruit (mixed berries, plums) with excellent tannins that provide structure and a long finish.


Duas Quintas of the name refers to the two Ramos Pinto Douro vineyards where the grapes for this wine are grown. The hotter Quinta de Ervamoira produces ripe rich flavoured fruit while the high altitude Quinta dos Bons Ares adds freshness and balance. Grapes are harvest by hand, by individual plot before being taken to the winery.


Plot by plot, the grapes are tasted successively in the vineyards until the ideal moment for harvest is found. Once at the winery, the grapes, separated by grape variety and plot, are destemmed, gently crushed and directed to different fermentation vessels (lagares, oak vats, concrete and stainless steel tanks). The Ramos Pinto team’s in-depth knowledge of the various plots allows them to choose the most suitable vessel and type of fermentation. The maceration time between must and skins is prolonged to achieve the desired body and structure. After the malolactic fermentation, 20% of the wine ages in French oak barrels, 30% in casks and vats of the same type of wood and the remaining 50% in stainless steel vats for about 12 months. This wine was bottled between April and July 2021

Vintage Information

2019 was a very dry year. The temperatures recorded in the first months of 2019 were high and therefore advanced the vegetative cycle of the vineyard. Everything indicated an early harvest, but the mild temperatures during August and September prolonged this cycle and allowed continuous ripening with an ideal level of water stress. At Quinta dos Bons Ares, the early summer rains replenished the water levels in the soil for an optimum end of ripening grapes. The red grape harvest started on 28th  August at Quinta de Ervamoira and was finished by early October at Quinta dos Bons Ares. The 2019 harvest was exceptional. The wines show perfect harmony in fruit, freshness, concentration and tannins.

Tasting Note

Dark red in colour, clean and bright. On the nose there are fresh aromas of berries such as blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. This is followed by fresh spices and warm, toasty aromas. On the palate the fruit intensity and concentration are high. It finishes long and fresh, with soft tannins. Duas Quintas Tinto 2019 stands out for the perfect harmony between its concentration and vivacity.

Food Pairing

The freshness lends itself to a variety of dishes, grilled cod, vegetarian meals, as well as roast beef on a Sunday afternoon followed by cheese.

Serving Suggestion

Serve between 16º and 18º C. Store the bottle upright, in a cool, dry and dark place.

Douro Valley, Portugal
Touriga Nacional (51%)
Touriga Franca (26%)
Traditional Douro grape varieties (23%) (Tinta Roriz, Tinta da Barca, Tinta Barroca, Sousäo, Tinto Cäo, Tinta Amarela).

5 g/l

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