Rioja 2015 Vintage Report

Rioja 2015 Vintage Report

Wines from Spain have released their annual Vintage Report for 2015.

Wines from Spain have reported that 2015 was ‘very different in Rioja’ due to a hot summer and September rains. Picking began in mid-September and the harvest was complete by October 13th.

Despite the heat in early summer, the weather became more moderate from mid-July, with September’s daytime temperature hovering between 22-24˚, alongside cooler nights. This dry, sunny weather was especially favourable for vineyards which had not yet been harvested.

Wines from Spain quoted the Consejo Regulador: “Quality was particularly outstanding in vineyards located in cooler areas with moderate vigour and limited production, often yielding considerably less than the maximum allowable kg/ha rates.” Lower berry weight due to a dry spell during the last part of the growing cycle also had a very  positive impact with a better skin-to-pulp ratio – a key quality factor.”  Alcohol levels are slightly higher than those of an average year.

Contact Christine to find out more about the harvest at Marqués de Murrieta, situated on the southern limit of the Rioja Alta.

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