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Established in 1881, Pio Cesare, now run by fifth generation Pio Boffa, was one of the very first producers to believe in the potential and quality of the great wines of Piemonte and to export to the UK. A ceaseless devotion to the individuality of each of the region’s wines informs Pio’s choices in the vineyards and cellar. He applies a ‘minimal intervention’ philosophy to wine making, creating wines that year after year, are ranked among the world’s best wines.


In addition to absinth which is essential for the preparation of the Vermouth, Pio Cesare uses a mixture of 26 aromatic herbs such as marjoram leaves, gentian roots, orange zest and others, which all together compose the family recipe. A blend of different Pio Cesare white wines, including our Moscato d’Asti, are then added. After a 15-day maceration, the Vermouth is aged in oak barrels for at least four months. The recipe is finally completed with the addition of burned sugar, which gives the Vermouth its light color, and its distinctive aroma and taste.

In order to better appreciate Pio Cesare Vermouth, the winery recommends drinking it in the old “piemontese style”, sipping it with no ice, but just a little slice of lemon zest.


Decanter: 95 POINTS
January 1, 2018, Michaela Morris

“Chardonnay, Moscato Bianco macerated with more than 25 botanicals and sweetened with burnt sugar. Candied orange, cinnamon, and vanilla redolent of panettone; balsamic tarragon and polished wood nuances.”

Piemonte, Italy
Moscato Bianco


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