Ramos Pinto Late Bottled Vintage Unfiltered 2013

Producer Information

Founded in 1880 by Adriano Ramos Pinto, this Port House has always had a pioneering spirit – from the distinctive and stylish ‘art nouveau’ advertising from the 1900s to the continuing wide ranging vineyard research with results that have benefited the whole port trade. Champagne Louis Roederer, now the majority shareholder, perpetuates this philosophy and ensures continuity in a company renowned for wine-making excellence.


Ramos Pinto holds the largest proportion of vineyards in relation to its production, giving it a high degree of control over viticultural methods and harvest timing. The house tends 187 hectares of prime vineyards in the Alto Corgo and Douro Superior areas of the famed Douro region, the mountainous valley formed by the Douro River and its tributaries.


Harvested by hand, the grapes are crushed by foot in “lagares”. Fermentation lasted around three to five days. It was aged in Vila Nova de Gaia, in casks 15,000 litre casks. The 2013 LBV is a traditional vintage style Port, without any hot or cold treatment and is also unfiltered.

Vintage Information

The 2012-2013 winter was characterized by values of precipitation and air temperatures lower than average. During spring, average temperatures were lower especially in the month of March, with rainfall highly above average. A great fluctuation of temperatures which occurred during the period from April to June influenced the normal development of the vine, causing significant delay in the vegetative cycle.

Summer was characterized by higher temperatures than the previous year’s average and by lower precipitation. The month of September was very hot and generally dry, with the exception of 5th September, an important rainfall occurred in the whole of Douro region. The month of October was warmer than normal and with monthly precipitation values above average.

The evolution of climatic conditions provoked a delay of about 15 days in the almost whole vegetative cycle of the vine. This delay was decreased with the climate evolution in the summer months, and Duorum started harvesting at Douro Superior on the 16th of September.

In spite of the precipitation quantity that occurred during harvesting, the final quality of the produced wines are excellent with good concentration and natural acidity with long ageing potential.

Tasting Note

Deep red in colour with an intensely fruity aroma of ripe raspberries and a hint of chocolate. Elegant on the palate, with excellent body and power. Ripe tannins and a long, decadent, anise spiced finish.

Food Pairing

Goes well with game dishes, cheese soufflé, Serra cheese or other fatty cheeses and chocolate desserts.

Serving Suggestion

Serve between 17º and 18º C. Store the bottle upright, in a cool, dry and dark place

Douro Valley, Portugal
51% Touriga Nacional
40% Touriga Franca
6% Sousão
3% Mix of old vines

Natural Cork

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